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New record: Pat Dennis, Two Tall Pines

The new release from American Troubadour Pat Dennis is ready for you to pre-order!

Pat Dennis
Two Tall Pines (EP)

CD and download available from Infinite Hive Shop or Bandcamp right now.

Downloads/Streaming will be available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify from 5th September.


  1. Two Tall Pines
  2. Goin' West
  3. Frankie Jones
  4. I Hear A Train


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Remember Ruaridh

Last year I was lucky enough to share a stage with the guys from SHEEP at one of MEOW's special party gigs. Merik and Ruaridh invited the whole crowd to join in with them, giving out random instruments and hiding Easter Eggs around the Opium venue. We had a blast!

So you can imagine my shock when I learned that Ruaridh had passed away due to illness in December. My thoughts and best wishes have already been sent to Merik and Ruaridh's family, but now we can all do something really cool to cherish his memory.

SHEEP have put together a record of his final recordings which you can pre-order on vinyl. All profits are going to Sarcoma UK, a charity for the rare kind of cancer Ruar had.

Please give what you can.

Rest in noise dude.

Mr John

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