Honesty comes in many forms, with DUNT, it's a clattering blow to the consciousness via an Edinburgh-based genre-melding punk/speed metal four-piece. And just in case you had been brain dead for the last fourteen minutes, listen to their new record "Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate" on their bandcamp site RIGHT NOW:

There's videos for new songs "Eat, Sleep, Slave Repeat" and "Tears" too!

And if that wasn't enough, or you just wanted more (you're only human), their previous EP "Between Punk Rock And A Hard Place" is available at a reduced price as well! DUNT. For all of your skate rock needs.

DUNT are here for your protection, with a manifesto of energetic live shows, wry humour and blunt force musical trauma to the skull, with their observation of everyday bullshit, great melodies and choppy riffs. Their songs will become so embedded into your brains, you will be punching them out of your own face with delight. They sound like NOFX molesting Pennywise and their bass player is really into Iron Maiden, figure that out.


Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate (EP)
IHDUCD011, released 22nd May 2017.

CD and download. Pre-order CD from Infinite Hive Shop or CD/Download from Bandcamp right now.

Downloads/Streaming available via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify.


  1. Eat Sleep Slave Repeat
  2. Tears
  3. Non Essential
  4. Photograph
  5. Brink

I Used To Think (Single)
IHDUCD006, released 15 August 2016.

Download only from Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music or Spotify.

Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place (EP)
IHDUCD005, released 1st April 2016.

CD and Tshirt can be ordered from either the Infinite Hive Shop or "merch" section of Bandcamp.

Downloads available on Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify.


1. Comfortably Dumb
2. Nihilist
3. Drawing Board
4. Wasted Time
5. Those We Leave Behind

DUNT Anti-Social Media


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