What happens when an indie, electro-pop producer, a rock singer and a polka queen get together to record music? Indoria.

Chuck Mosley - vocals, guitar
Douglas Esper - vocals, percussion
Michele Esper - vocals
Adam Probert - bass
Donald Spak - guitar

Elements of pop, rock, dance, punk, folk, mix together on this 7-song collection without sounding forced or out of place. Aided by guest appearances by Chuck Mosley, Nick Cifani, and Jon Vinson, Indoria has taken the next step toward the sound they have chased for a decade.

This special Infinite Hive UK release features exclusive remixes and photographic artwork and is available direct from our Shop or from the merch stand on Chuck's solo tour this Autumn.


"You'll Never Make The Six"

UK CD released 19 September 2016

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1. Only In My Head
2. Bella Donna (The Indoria Mix)
3. Ode From The Road
4. Fade
5. Reason To Live
6. Incomplete
7. What I Feel - Blocsonic Remix
8. Only In My Head - Morbid V VS. Haze Remix
9. Bella Donna - Caustic Vicious Circle Mix
10. Bella Donna - dub remix
11. Bella Donna - Live At The Taphouse

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