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This is my own page, to host my showreel and say a bit about myself. I am a 6 foot 6 creative type, who can never settle on one category of entertainer. In the last few years, whilst pretending to be a grown up, I have worked with Edinburgh People's Theatre as an actor, performed stand-up comedy around Edinburgh and Manchester, done humorous links for online gaming radio station UKTFR, written filmed skits with Team Fishcake, voiceovers for Scyther Inc Production's sci-fi Podcasts and sang for Edinburgh's silliest cover band, MEOW.

My video work with Team Fishcake can be found on our YouTube page, the main TF website is currently offline.

In 2004 I worked for six months in the Edinburgh Dungeon as an actor. Between 2000 and 2007 I appeared in several shows for Edinburgh People's Theatre and since 1999 I have done stand up comedy here in Edinburgh and in Manchester

Mr John at The Stand Comedy Club, March 2003

At some point, my friend from Team Fishcake, Stu, got me to do some voiceover stuff for his UKTFR online radio project:
UKTFR jingle: "balls"

UKTFR jingle: "nothing but a bunch of hen f..."

UKTFR jingle: "listen to this"

Team Fishcake take over UKTFR

I am currently working on some projects for Scyther Inc Productions - voiceovers for "Star Trek - Lost Enterprise, the Audio Drama" and "X-Men, the Audio Drama".
Both links take you to Episode 1 of each series. Scyther Facebook page is here

I am available for acting, comedy, music and voiceover gigs. Absolutely anything that requires a huge body, silly face and versatile voice work. Please get in touch via the form below:


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