Edinburgh-based Country Troubadour who hails from the United States. Pat has brought earnest Americana to this city for as long as anyone can remember. He can be found, daily, strumming and singing in bars and venues around the city area, honing his craft and sharing his stories over a pint or two with locals and tourists alike.

As a local record label, we are really happy to get Pat's sound captured on CD and download, so he can give his audiences something to take home with them, while sharing with friends abroad, who haven't had the pleasure.


Pat Dennis
Two Tall Pines (EP)

Release date 5th September 2017. CD and download available from Infinite Hive Shop or Bandcamp right now.

Downloads/Streaming will be available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify from 5th September.


  1. Two Tall Pines
  2. Goin' West
  3. Frankie Jones
  4. I Hear A Train

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