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HEAVIEST METAL IS HERE!  Anomos (formerly known as Kos-Mo-Krator) joined the Infinite Hive ranks with their own brand of Melodic Death Metal.

Influenced by Metallica, Meshuggah, massively destructive noise?  Basically anything that begins with “M” and hurts.  This very metal four-piece juggernautted onto the scene in 2018 with their first record: “The Cult Of Pandora” and album “The Kosmokrator” out in 2020!  New album en route to smash things up even more.

Featuring melody-driven tracks which are a multi-genre collision of ethereal lyrical elements, classic death metal tropes and driving rhythms, Anomos have played gigs around Scotland, with bands like Catalysis, Insufferable, Nassau, Razor Sharp Death Blizzard and more from the Scottish Metal scene.

This is their video for “Symphony of Oblivion”, “The Kosmokrator”, available to stream on all good digital music platforms.