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What happens when you jam four completely different gonzo musicians from different parts of the world together into a band? Let’s find out, by observing Edinburgh-based trio “Bleat”.

Bleat, live at Opium, Edinburgh, 2019
Featuring OJ from Italy on vocals and guitar, Peat from Poland playing bass, Scottish drumming human Stuart and keyboard wizard Chris, Bleat can be described as a stripped-down, heavy version of Mr. Bungle or the Butthole Surfers, riffing off surf rock and Gogol Bordello.  Their sound is a cocktail of rock, metal, progressive, punk, rhythm with a sprinkle of manic vibrations.  We didn’t give them a defined genre, because that would be IMPOSSIBLE.

Here is a live clip of their music to keep you occupied:

Bleat formed in 2017 and have a record in production, so expect high-quality sonic madness soon.


See their Bands In Town widget below for details of forthcoming gigs: