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Infinite Hive Social:

Phil Cooper

Our friend Phil is a contemporary singer/songwriter who has earned excellent reviews from the national press, with his thought provoking songwriting and energetic live performances drawing comparisons to Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook and Ben Folds.

During his live shows, he makes a real connection with the crowd, whether it’s handing out dozens of egg shakers, or passing around his “doodle book” for the audience to draw in. Every now and then you’ll catch him unplugging his guitar and shunning the stage to stand right in among the captivated audience.

Phil has two albums available via the Infinite Hive Shop:  “Things I’ll Never Say” & “Thoughts & Observations“, the latter being on 12″ vinyl as well as download formats.

Check out his 2018 single “Shake It Up” on YouTube, to give you a taste of what to expect.