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Raised on a heady diet of rock’n’roll and blues, RumRunners formed in late 2016 with a mutual love of playing loud and hard. Inspired by artists past and present (Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, Blackberry Smoke, Arctic Monkeys and Jimi Hendrix to name but a few), RumRunners fuse a love of music with that rock’n’roll spirit of old.

Now working with Infinite Hive, their EP “Embers” dropped on 31st March 2018 and has delivered a fresh take on the records that inspired it.  Check out the “releases” section for links to their music.

New single “Voodoo Mystery” is available in the Infinite Hive Shop right now, in the meantime, here is a live performance of “Heart on Fire”, filmed at La Belle Engele, in Edinburgh, last year.