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Infinite Hive Social:


Prog tried to kill the metal. Punk tried to kill the metal. New Romantic make-up wearing middle-class fake namby-pamby 80s yuppies tried to kill the metal. Ravers tried to kill the metal. So did Grunge. And Britpop! And bloody Dubstep! But the metal lives on. And now, to prolong it’s immortality, Satan himself unleashed Edinburgh party band SharpShooter into our realm.

Vocalist Stoo Hell, Bassist Hollywood Harris, impossibly-haired guitarists Kieran and Duncan (nicknames TBC) and drummer Dave “Lips” Henderson carried the torch, burning your eyes into the future of metal as SHARPSHOOTER: Edinburgh’s finest party hardiest metal covers band bastards from the dark side. Gatecrashing your parties, raising the bar for your barbecuesand putting the fun back into your funeral.  Sharpshooter catered for all of your metal needs. With more metal tracks than the entire Chinese railway system, this motley crew came for our souls, slayed your beer stocks and say said nice things to your daughters.

Their last gig was in December 2017 and they never released any original material, but we had a great time when they were here.