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Infinite Hive Social:

Bandcamp Special: June and July

Hello music fans,
Online music shop Bandcamp are dropping their % fees again, helping musicians raise funds to support themselves while the live music scene is offline.  Special no-fee deals will be available Friday June 5 and Friday July 3, from midnight to midnight PDT on each day (from 8am UK/GMT).
Please help our artists by making a purchase from any of their sites below. It’s a very easy to use service on your computer browser or phone app and you’ll discover all kinds of new music and merch. You can listen before you buy too.
Here are links to our artist’s Bandcamp stores:
Anomos (melodic death metal, super heavy and fast)
Bryan Donoghue (acoustic indie pop, country tinge)
Dangermule NEW EP OUT NOW! (ska, punk, gypsy circus rock)
Devil’s Beeftub (blues metal, buckfast infused swamp rock)
DUNT (skate punk rock, fast angry nihilism)
Indoria (folk rock, trippy alt pop)
Chuck Mosley (solo,a coustic, punk, rock stuff from ex Faith No More singer)
Katherine Aly (solo, experimental pop, classical leanings)
Lilac Melt (ethereal indie dreampop, featuring Katherine Aly and loads of reverb)
Matthew Mcghie (singer songwriter, folk, pop, and a total gentleman)
Pat Dennis (country, Americana, singer songwriter, rogueish beer infused tunes)
Phil Cooper (singer songwriter, folk punk, very nice human too)
RumRunners NEW MUSIC RELEASED (proper rock ‘n roll, blues rawk to drive home to)
Shadrak NEW EP OUT NOW! (gnarly, home made, industrial techno metal from your nightmares)
Somaesthesia (heavy doom metal, sludge. Did we mention heavy?)
The Super Moons (northern soul, indie, blues, pop. Like the last fifty years of popular music mashed up into one totally committed songwriting band tour de force)
The Tracks (indie pop, rock ‘n roll, leather jackets, broken guitars, blue jeans and sneers.)
Three Days From Retirement (post rock, ethereal, cinematic instrumental dreamy rock, a religious experience)
Trampled Daisy (agit-pop, grungey student rock with lots to say)
Help us help them out! And we’ll see you all back in the real world sometime soon.
Love and safe wishes,
Mr John
Infinite Hive Music