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Katherine Aly: art postcards in shop now!

Since the advent of digital music, some parts of the process of putting out a record have become lost or forgotten afterthoughts, appreciate by very few.  The record sleeve is one of those things, consigned now to a small .JPG sitting on your phone screen, a visual cue on who/what you are listening to next.


Singer-songwriter Katherine Aly and I decided to do something about that: behold, the humble postcard, with artwork on one side and a digital QR code for your phone to scan on the other,  taking you to Katherine’s Bandcamp site and allows you to get your own digital copies of the singles, while you get to hold a physical, real world copy of the artwork designed for the singles “The Skin I’m Made Of” and “Sunny Days”, personally signed by Katherine herself, to make up for the absence of CDs, cassettes or record copies of this music.  So far.


We hope you enjoy this throwback to a bygone age, via the “Art” section of the Infinite Hive shop.




Mr John
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