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American folk punks, featuring former Faith No More vocalist Chuck on vocals and guitar.
For fans of: Faith No More, Imperial Teen

This is the special UK CD edition that Chuck and Doug took out on the road on tour with them in 2016, it features four bonus remix tracks and a live version of “Bella Donna”, not available anywhere else.  Chuck meant a lot to everyone on Infinite Hive, there are a lot of his fans here and he is missed.

His vocals on this record contrast beautifully with singer Michele Espers, we’d like you to experience that.


1. Only In My Head
2. Bella Donna (The Indoria Mix)
3. Ode From The Road
4. Fade
5. Reason To Live
6. Incomplete
7. What I Feel – Blocsonic Remix
8. Only In My Head – Morbid V VS. Haze Remix
9. Bella Donna – Caustic Vicious Circle Mix
10. Bella Donna – dub remix
11. Bella Donna – Live At The Taphouse

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