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The Super Moons – Real Life Heroes (ALBUM CD)


The debut album from Scottish indie/northern soul rockers The Super Moons, featuring the singles “You’re Not Alone”, “We Serve The People” and “All About You”.


James Aitken: guitar, backing vocals
Krzysztof Ciesielka: drums and percussion
Jason Kruger: bass, keyboards, trumpet, trombone, backing vocals
Geoff Hamilton: vocals, guitar, harmonica
David Wilson: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Arranged and produced by The Super Moons and Michael Brennan.
Recorded and Mixed at Substation Studios, Rosyth, Scotland
Tracks 6 and 11 also recorded at Bad Cat Studios, West Calder

Cover image by Ross Neddon on Unsplash
Centrefold art by Conor Baptie



  1. All About You (Geoff Hamilton)
  2. Low (Lyrics – Darryl Gallagher, Music – The Super Moons)
  3. The Man Who Saved The World (Geoff Hamilton/David Wilson)
  4. The Reason (Geoff Hamilton)
  5. Compassion (Geoff Hamilton/David Wilson)
  6. We Serve The People (Geoff Hamilton)
  7. Right By You (David Wilson)
  8. You’re Not Alone (David Wilson)
  9. Can We Still Smile Together? (Geoff Hamilton)
  10. Frontline (David Wilson)
  11. Carry Your Soul (David Wilson)


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