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Welcome to Infinite Hive: a record label started by me, Edinburgh based show-off Mr John, to work with musicians and allow them to fully express themselves, find studios, an audience for their music and fully realise their visions. It started with me forming a band called MEOW and it sort of evolved into this record label.

Please fill in the contact form to email us directly, regarding artists, releases, stuff like that. Please put a relevant note in the "subject" field so I know what you need.

If you are looking for gigs or touring, scroll down and contact the venues or promoters listed below. Not me. Oh and plan ahead: gigs require months of planning & promotion, you can have that advice for free.

That's it.


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    The following music stores stock CD & vinyl copies of our records and are great places to visit. Some are now purely online, existing in an immortal digiverse, fulfilling the function of supplying you with real life objects you will love forever.

    Friends of Infinite Hive


    Phil is a long-time friend, his band "The Haiku" played HALLOWEERD in 2010 and he regularly tours the UK playing his solo stuff. This photograph was taken by his former band-mate "Bert", who is now a photographer.


    Edinburgh artist, Eion Dallas who designed the cover of The Tracks EP, has an online portfolio here of his amazing work.


    One of our primary working partners is The Broken Drum Studio in Edinburgh, run by local musicians and open all hours, contact Dave T on 07791 612 351 to make a booking.


    CDs printed, records pressed and all of our downloads are handled by their amazing team in Perth. We can't recommend them highly enough.

    Wasted State Records

    Cutting edge Scottish metal label, home of DVNE, Black Talon, Gareeda, Atragon, Juniper Grave. Great bands, great friends.

    Chamber Studios

    Amazing studio hidden in a corner of Edinurgh, run by one of the best contemporary music producers in Scotland, load of our records were produced here.

    Gig Promoters

    Red Crust Promotions

    Red Crust Promotions is an organisation aimed at supporting the music scene (specifically the metal and alternative music scene) in Edinburgh and beyond. Contact for metal gigs and tours.

    Flow State Music

    Music and event management company based in Edinburgh. Does Event Production, Artist & Tour Management, Live Music Promotion, Music Programming, Digital Communications (Social Media / Direct Marketing).

    Fortune Promotions

    Fortune Promotions is here to get Edinburgh’s music scene thriving like it deserves to be, while promoting unsigned bands and artists in the music work. Contact for pop/rock/indie gigs in Edinburgh.


    The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

    Part of the Edinburgh Uni College of Art, idea for indie, art-pop gigs. Capacity 200.

    Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh

    World famous rock and metal venue in Edinburgh, capacity up to 200. Book gigs via their website.

    Legends (was Opium), Edinburgh

    Edinburgh rock and metal nightclub, with music venue, capacity 110. NB: Club nights take place after gigs, so 10.30 curfew.

    Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

    Located in Central Edinburgh, a stone's throw from Waverley Rail Station, has 3 different sized function rooms for hire, well equipped and finished to a high standard.

    The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

    Maze-like venue with bars, seated areas, tunnels, a wee cinema, pool room and a small music venue room that holds about 60 people. Favourite with punk, alternative, extreme metal and rock bands.

    Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

    Loud, buzzing and compact late-night eclectic live music bar and dance club, with band nights. Ideal for indie, electro and alternative gigs. Capacity 100.

    The Mash House, Edinburgh

    Reputable indie venue with DJ and club nights as well as live music. Main room capacity 225, has smaller function rooms.


    Music, Touring and Health

    Blog post by our friend, musician Sandy Power – An Interview with Dr. Melanie Grundy on Mental Health issues for musicians

    Wide Days

    Regular conventions and seminars for the Scottish music scene, an absolute must-attend for anyone getting into this industry. Networking opportunities galore!