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Honesty comes in many forms, with DUNT, it was a clattering blow to the consciousness from an Edinburgh-based genre-melding punk/speed metal four-piece. but don’t believe us, go listen to their records RIGHT NOW!

DUNT were here for our protection until 2018, after a manifesto of energetic live shows, wry humour and blunt force musical trauma to the skull, with their observation of everyday bullshit, great melodies and choppy riffs came to an end. Their songs will last forever, embedded into our brains, until we punch them out of our own faces with delight.

They sounded like NOFX molesting Pennywise and their bass player was really into Iron Maiden, figure that out.  Either way, they aren’t active anymore, but their music lasts forever.

We’re not called “Infinite Hive” for nothing.