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Infinite Hive Social:

Matthew Mcghie

Singer songwriter from Corby, based in Edinburgh, who writes and performs his own material.  Matthew plays acoustic guitar and uses effects pedals to create an experimental, unique backing to his ethereal vocal.

Matthew also played bass for local post-rockers THREE DAYS FROM RETIREMENT and has worked as a session or backup musician for many friends, including Bryan Donoghue and Ben Inglis.  He has helped run Infinite Hive gigs and is very active on the local music scene, as well as touring up and down the country as a solo performer, or collaborator with other artists.

Music fans say Matthew’s singing style is reminiscent of Neil Young, while his songs show a fragility and soulful, storytelling nature. Go see him live for yourself and check out his records, more of which will be dropping soon.

Here’s “System Meltdown” from his “Hot Vox Sessions” live EP:

And a Q&A with Matthew from the same session: