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A demo cd of hardcore industrial techno was dropped off at Infinite Hive HQ. Nobody knows who put it there, nobody knows who made the music and artwork contained within, so we have decided to release this EP on download formats only, in the hope that the identity or identities of “Shadrak” can be confirmed…if you did this, please step out of the shadows.
January 2018: now that the record is out there and one of the songs has already hit over 1000 plays on Spotify, its mysterious author, or somebody, left a note stuck to the door of Infinite Hive HQ saying “the music was built on a playstation. It is not new. There is more if u want it. – SHADRAK”



April 2020: being on lockdown seems to have spurned some activity, EP number 2 turns up and is radically remixed and mastered by Joe from 3DFR, we release “The Bum Side Of Clucking” on an unsuspecting world.


And there’s still more to come…