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Bandcamp Friday! Support local artists!

Hello music fans!


Bandcamp are continuing their “no fee Fridays” every month, allowing for you to pay artists more royalties for their music and merch and thus, keep them going!  Also, if you are paying via Paypal, there is usually an opportunity to add some money to a charitable cause, so everybody wins from this.


Bandcamp Fridays are the first Friday of every month: e.g Friday 1st September. As always, isitbandcampfriday.com has the details.


Here’s a list of Bandcamp sites for artists we’ve worked with, that would be more than grateful for your support:



Anomos (melodic death metal, super heavy and fast)



Ape BC (Australian alt rockers, lead by my mate Mike Hayes, presenter and found of “Podcast Croissant” – the Faith No More fan Podcast that Mr John contributes to)



Bryan Donoghue (acoustic indie pop, country tinge)



Dangermule (ska, punk, gypsy circus rock)



Devil’s Beeftub (blues metal, buckfast infused swamp rock)



DUNT (skate punk rock, fast angry nihilism)



Indoria (folk rock, trippy alt pop)




Chuck Mosley (solo, acoustic, punk rock stuff from ex Faith No More singer)




Kapil Seshasayee (musician and activist who creates amazing sonic soundscapes and songs deriving from Indian culture, mixed with electronic and modern pop)



Katherine Aly (solo, experimental pop, classical leanings)



Lilac Melt (ethereal indie dreampop, featuring Katherine Aly and loads of reverb)



Low Oxygen (Introspective, spacey, doom, sludge, post-metal. Featuring members of Somaesthesia)



Matthew Mcghie (singer songwriter, folk, pop, and a total gentleman)



Michael Branagh (musician, artist, singer, collaborator with Pat Dennis. Is there nothing this man cannot do?)



Pat Dennis (country, Americana, singer songwriter, rogueish beer infused tunes)




Phil Cooper (folk/indie singer songwriter, new record goes into prog territory)



The Reinforcements (recently signed to Infinite Hive: unique, catchy rock music from Edinburgh’s underground)



RumRunners (proper rock ‘n roll, blues rawk to drive home to)



Shadrak  (gnarly, home made, anonymous, industrial techno metal from your nightmares)


Simbarashe (Young hip-hop artist with a strong social conscience.)


Somaesthesia (heavy, doomy post-metal, sludge. Did we mention heavy? Heavy.)



The Lost Trades (pop-folk trio with amazing vocal harmonies, featuring Phil Cooper)



The Super Moons (northern soul, indie, blues, pop. Like the last fifty years of popular music mashed up into one totally committed songwriting band tour de force)



The Tracks (indie pop, rock ‘n roll, leather jackets, broken guitars, broken dreams, blue jeans and sneers.)



Three Days From Retirement (post rock, ethereal, cinematic instrumental dreamy rock, a religious experience)



Trampled Daisy (agit-pop, grungey student rock with lots to say)



Help us help them out!



Love and ting,



Mr John

Infinite Hive Music