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Pat Dennis: “I Ain’t Anyone…” single

Americana dude Pat Dennis has another new/old song for you; “I Ain’t Anyone” was originally written in 1999 and is out 18th August 2023 via digital platforms.


Find it via his link.tree page.


Several attempts were made to record it, most notably on the ‘Lost Album Sessions’ where a completed version was lost along with many other tracks after a studio computer malfunction  (27 songs to be exact). “I Ain’t Anyone” was originally shortlisted for the ‘Mutineer’ album but none of the versions recorded felt ‘right’ so it was shelved (yet again). Finally in April this year Pat sat down with producer Scott Smith at the Blues Kitchen in Edinburgh to record it again and the final version is what you hear. A prime example of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try again.’ Then try again a few times more until you get it right.


This song has been in Pat’s live repertoire for years. We hope you all enjoy the (finally) recorded version. He’s not gonna record it again, that’s for sure.


Pat Dennis- Guitar, Vocal
Scott Smith- All the other stuff