The band that started Infinite Hive is Edinburgh-based comedy covers/original songs band "MEOW" (say it like a cat), whose interpretations of seemingly randomly-picked rock moments can only be described as "quite interesting".

MEOW have occasionally operated as a four-piece under the adapted monicker "M30W R3DUX" and are constantly evolving their sound. This is a complete lie: their musical style can only be described as "some musicians jam stuff while the frontman dicks about" and everyone watching is really happy about this so far. They've tackled a broad range of the musical spectrum, putting their own spin on rock, metal, prog, skiffle, blues, ska, reggae, hip-hop, thrash and death metal and some film/TV soundtrack work.

MEOW are Mr John, Don McLean, David Taylor and Chris & Cab from DUNT. Additional guitar stuff was done by Phil Miller, who is currently on hiatus and enjoying "life" and stuff.


MEOW have collectively written two songs so far, "Meow Tropical Island", which they've only played once for reasons too boring to go into, but there's lots of footage of them on the YouTubes, playing other peoples songs for free. There's another original song...but let's keep that up the MEOW sleeve for now.

Contact Mr John about booking this hell for your private, public or personal consumption.

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