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Edinburgh skate punks DUNT always had one thing missing from their Infinite Hive catalogue: their viral-video, crowd-pleasing anthemic song “Skate Rock”. Until now!


As part of the set of songs from 2013’s self-released “the unbearable shiteness of being”, the song “Skate Rock” was only available on a handful of home-made CDs by the band, their Bandcamp site and a video put together by drummer Gary on their Facebook page, featuring skateboard legend Leticia Bufoni.


Because Infinite Hive only formed on Halloween 2013, I missed getting my grubby mitts on this DUNT record by a matter of days, and waited until 2016 for them to record their next 2 EPs, “Between Punk Rock And A Hard Place”, swiftly followed by “Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate” in 2018, but there was always that nagging sense of a missed opportunity. Until now!



So to celebrate this cellestial cock-up, Infinite Hive and DUNT have had the original tracks re-mastered by our friend, the Producer/Drummer Jim Shemilt (The Tracks, RumRunners) and loaded up for release on all those digital platforms you know and love as kind of a ten-year anniversary thing.


NOW WE CAN ALL GET SKATE ROCK!!!  Well, from October 31st anyway.


Follow DUNT on your streaming platform of choice, when “the unbearable shiteness of being” goes live, we can all drop into a skate ramp together and end up in a mess on the floor.  It’s what the band would’ve wanted.


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